PJ the Cuckoo clocks up 60,000 miles as he returns to Suffolk as a record-breaker

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Suffolk has a number of record breakers. Ed Sheeran is the world's most-streamed musician, athlete Ben Blowes set a world record when he ran the London Marathon with a tumble dryer strapped to his back and Andrea Thompson won a place for the heaviest log lift by a woman.

Now PJ the cuckoo can be added to the list.

The bird was was fitted with a satellite tag by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) in 2016 and since then then he has flown 59,640 miles on six migrations, setting a record for the longest distance by a tracked cuckoo.

Tom Stewart of the BTO said: "He broke the record last year for the most tracked migration of any cuckoo and he's done 60,000 miles now in total, which is fantastic."

And PJ's annual migration puts Phileas Fogg to shame, said Mr Stewart.

PJ flies between the Congo and Elveden every year

"PJ was born here, probably in Thetford Forest, and then he travelled south through Europe, crossed over to north Africa, then down across the Sahara to west Africa, then to the Congo basin, down into Angola, then in the start of spring he moves back up again.

"In west Africa he refuels, ready for the Sahara crossing, back over back to Europe and back home."

PJ, named after Pamela Joy Miller who funded the cuckoo-tracking project, is also on the verge of breaking another record - the oldest cuckoo.

Cuckoo's commute: And you thought your drive home was bad... Credit: BTO/Google Maps

Currently that record is held by another Anglian avian - a cuckoo which was caught alive at Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire in 1983, six years, 11 months and two days after he was ringed as an adult, making him at least seven years, 11 months and two days old.

The BTO said: "PJ will have to survive another year to vie for the crown of the UK's oldest known Cuckoo but his achievements so far have already exceeded our wildest expectations - what a bird!"