The car-obsessed schoolboy from Essex fulfilling his dream of a ride in a Lamborghini

No wonder he's smiling! Tommy fulfilling his dream of a ride in a Lamborghini Credit: ITV News Anglia

A car-obsessed schoolboy has been treated to the day of his dreams, thanks to the help of a local community group.

Nine-year-old Tommy Blackburn, from Heybridge in Essex, had long dreamed of a ride in a Lamborghini.

Knowing his passion, his mother Marie had tried all she could to make his dreams come true - but kept coming up against the same obstacle: her son does not meet the height requirements of any track or experience days.

Tommy was born with pseudoachondroplasia, which is a type of dwarfism.

Tommy even got taken for a spin in his favourite car- a Lamborghini Credit: ITV News Anglia

His mother said: "We had tried to get Tommy experience days, red letter days and nowhere [would allow him].

"Even the children's ones you had to be of a certain height, so there was no chance he was ever going to be able to fulfill his dream.

She added: "He lives eats sleeps, breathes the cars, he absolutely loves them, really does. We get hounded every weekend: 'Mum can we go to the Lambo garage?'"

Tommy and his mum Marie Credit: ITV News Anglia

Tommy's mother turned to Peter Dutch, from Colchester's Anti-Loo Roll Brigade - a community group set up during the first lockdown - who was happy to help, asking a local car dealer if they would give Tommy the VIP treatment.

He said: "We love a bit of positivity and we need good stuff at the moment so, we are more than happy to raise a few smile and spread a bit of joy - so it is a good job!"

According to Tommy the afternoon was crazy and awesome! Credit: ITV News Anglia

Thanks to their generosity, Tommy spent the afternoon sitting in the driver's seat of three supercars - including a Porsche and a Lamborghini - and was even given a ride.

And what did Tommy make of the day?

"Awesome!" he said. "It is totally awesome."