Harlow murder trial: Three men stabbed Cristian-Marin Patru to death then fled 140 miles, court told

Cristian-Marin Patru was found stabbed at his home in Harlow in November 2021.
Credit: Family photo.
Cristian-Marin Patru died in November 2021. Credit: Family photo

Three people repeatedly stabbed a man to death before fleeing 100 miles to hide from police, a court heard.

Cristian-Marin Patru, 24, was found unconscious and covered in blood at his home in Harlow in Essex in November 2021, and pronounced dead by paramedics shortly afterwards.

Jaden Drake, 23, from Bournemouth, Fraser Chung, 18, of Tudor Avenue, Cheshunt in Essex, and Igors Anderson, also 18, of Tichkenhall Drive, Harlow, appeared at Chelmsford Crown Court charged with his murder. All three deny the charges.

Prosecutor Andrew Jackson said the defendants arrived at the victim's home in The Hides in Harlow at around 5.30pm on Monday, 8 November, reports BPM Media.

There then followed an argument which was overheard by one of Mr Patru's housemates.

Mr Patru was then reportedly seen outside in the communal garden with blood on his hand, holding his upper right arm.

After the emergency services were called, police officers arrived shortly before 6pm where Mr Patru was found unconscious on the floor of the hallway, pressed against the front door.

Mr Jackson added: "Once proper entry was gained through the front door, the terrible and fatal stab wound to Mr Patru's neck became evident and no pulse could be found."

Paramedics arrived 25 minutes later, but despite attempts to resuscitate him, Mr Patru was formally declared dead at 6.47pm.

There was no sign of Mr Patru's alleged attackers when police arrived.

The three defendants had made their way down to Bournemouth, some 139 miles away, over the course of the following 24 hours in an attempt to hide from police, said the prosecution.

The three defendants were arrested in the early hours of 11 November, three days after Mr Patru died.

Mr Jackson said: "Igors Anderson and Fraser Chung were arrested in the rear garden of the house next door, number three, where they had run in a bid to get away.

"Jaden Drake also ran from the address - he was chased and apprehended."

Mr Jackson added that by the shed in the back garden of the house was a grey-coloured hoodie with New Balance written on it, which he argued had been discarded by the fleeing defendants.

Mr Patru’s blood was on clothing worn by Mr Drake, Mr Anderson and Mr Chung, he told the court.

The trial continues.