Harlow murder trial: Forensic scientist tells court that victim's blood covered his home

Cristian-Marin Patru was found stabbed at his home in Harlow in November 2021.
Credit: Family photo.
Cristian-Marin Patru died in November 2021. Credit: Family photo

A forensic scientist has told a jury how a home in Essex was left covered in blood after a man was stabbed to death.

Three men are accused of murder at Chelmsford Crown Court following the death of 24-year-old Cristian-Marin Patru.

Mr Patru suffered fatal stab wounds at his home in The Hides, Harlow on 8 November 2021.

Jaden Drake, 23, from Bournemouth, Fraser Chung, 18, from Cheshunt in Hertfordshire, and Igors Anderson, also 18, of Tickenhall Drive, Harlow, all deny murder and then fleeing more than 100 miles away.The jury was previously told by prosecutor Andrew Jackson that Mr Patru's housemates had overheard an argument before he was seen in the communal garden with blood on his hand.

He was subsequently found against the front door in the hallway of the house, and died at the scene.

Forensic scientist Amanda Reed told Chelmsford Crown Court that blood had been found on the garden gate at the back of the property and on a bike that was leaning against the wall.Describing Mr Patru's bedroom, which can be accessed by patio doors from the garden, Ms Reed said: "The blood has run down the window and onto the floor."

"Especially the blood by the end of the bed, it indicates someone has paused there and there are numerous drops, and on the bedside cabinet."

Ms Reed then continued to the kitchen, which she said had been "extensively" covered in blood. She also mentioned blood stains on the banister railings on the hall staircase, which could indicate Mr Patru had tried to steady himself by holding onto them after suffering the injuries.Ms Reed said drops of blood had also been found on the front door of the home.

Mr Jackson told the court: "One of the police officers first to the scene had to break the glass on the side of the front door because Mr Patru's body was immediately behind the front door, and keeping it shut."Ms Reed added that following analysis of the blood in the home, she had concluded it was "a billion times more likely" that the blood belonged to Mr Patru than anyone else.

The trial continues.