Norfolk family's desperate plea to bring home critically ill grandfather from Cambodia

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A family is desperately trying to raise enough money to fly a critically ill grandfather home from Cambodia, after insurers said they would not cover the costs of his care.

Richard Kiddle, 69, from near Wymondham in Norfolk, was living in Asia with his partner when a stroke left him fighting for his life in an intensive care unit.

His mounting care costs are not being covered by insurers because of prior health issues, so his family are using their savings and appealing online to try to raise £85,000 to fly him home.

Tracey Goodyer, Richard's daughter, said: "They thought he was going into cardiac arrest and his heart had stopped beating.

"His partner had called us to say she thought he was dying. She was in the hospital room while all this was unfolding.

"It was an emergency situation and she was like, would you like to be part of the call?

"You're thrown into this absolute state of 'yes, you're my dad and if you're dying I want to be with you' but it was really traumatic."

Richard Kiddle is in an intensive care unit in Cambodia.

Retired electrician Mr Kiddle was living in Cambodia with his partner when two weeks ago he had a stroke caused by a brain haemorrhage.

He was left paralysed down his left side, with weakness in his neck and it became increasingly difficult for him to communicate and swallow solid food, said his family.

He then developed pneumonia and went into septic shock.

"[Tuesday] morning is the first time he spoke since Saturday," said Ms Goodyer. "He's very tearful and very emotional and confused.

"He just kept asking when he's coming back to England. I think he's really scared.

"Our dad was a really fit, healthy man and to see him go from that person to this man lying in a hospital bed not being able to move is heartbreaking."

Richard Kiddle with grandchildren Freddie and Magnus and ex-wife Sue Sheens. Credit: Tracey Goodyer

The emotional strain is compounded by a financial one after Mr Kiddle's insurance company said they would not pay for his hospital bills or for him to be flown to the UK.

Because Mr Kiddle's situation is so serious he cannot be repatriated on a standard flight.

He needs to be transported via air ambulance from Cambodia to the UK, which will cost around £85,000.

The family has already used savings and maxed out their overdrafts. Now they are appealing to the kindness of friends and strangers.

In an appeal online which has so far raised £12,000, his daughters Tanya, Tracey and Heidi said: "We also face ongoing charges from the hospital treating him, which we have no funds to pay currently ourselves and the bills are already with us.

"If we don't pay, they stop treatment. It is an impossible situation."

Richard Kiddle with daughters, Heidi, Tracey and Tanya and ex-wife Sue Sheers. Credit: Tracey Goodyer