Essex police say 999 abused by complaints about bank accounts and delays waiting for pizza

Pepperoni pizza being cut
One caller dialled 999 to moan he'd waited more than 30 minutes for his Pizza

Essex Police are urging people to only call 999 in case of an emergency.

So far over the Platinum Jubilee bank holiday - the force has received around 4,000 calls to 999 and 101. 

But they said they were still being plagued by callers abusing the system and potentially putting lives at risk.

Reveller called 999 to say his bank account was low Credit: PA Images

Examples included one drunk reveller calling 999 six times to report that his bank balance was low, another called to ask if he had left his bank card in a police car the previous evening.

The force control room was also contacted by someone complaining about waiting more than 30 minutes for a pizza, while one man range to ask what the time was.

And yesterday a woman called to say she had lost her water supply. Officers directed her call to her local water company.

Chief Supt Stuart Hooper, Essex Police’s Head of Contact Management, said: “Calling 999 must be a last resort and you should only use this service if you are reporting an emergency that requires an immediate and urgent police response.”