Northamptonshire cancer patient targeted three times in a week by 'heartless' burglars

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A man from Northamptonshire with life-threatening cancer has been targeted by burglars three times in a week.

Richard Davies' possessions were left strewn across his driveway in Overstone when thieves broke into garages at his house. Their belongings had also been urinated on.

It happened at a time when he is about to begin chemotherapy.

Some of Mr Davies' trashed belongings Credit: Richard Davies

Mr Davies and his wife Lisa have now emptied the garages where they had been storing their possessions while they renovated their home .

They were targeted three times in a week at the end of May just as Mr Davies had been diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer. The couple said it could not have happened at a worse time.

The items in the garage included letters and cards Mr Davies had sent to his wife which had even more sentimental value after his life-threatening cancer diagnosis.

"They had literally just trashed everything. Literally everything we had been storing had been dragged out, smashed to bits, urinated on, sadly.

"Just all of our things have been completely destroyed," he said.

More of the couples belongings which had been spoilt by burglars Credit: Richard Davies

"It's devastating because they are the things that I'll hold on to.... to remember Richard. It's heartbreaking," said Mrs Davies.

The couple say they have been disappointed with the response from Northamptonshire Police.

The force has apologised and said it was investigating the spate of burglaries.