Cambridgeshire plane enthusiasts recreating a WW2 Stirling Bomber in desperate need of new home

  • ITV News Anglia's Katie Ridley went to visit the project

A group of ambitious aircraft enthusiasts are dedicating their time to recreating a Second World War Short Stirling bomber in the hope to restore part of history.

The Stirling Aircraft Project Charity based near Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire is working on the Short Stirling, which was one of the RAF's first four-engine bombers.

The Stirling bomber entered service in 1941 and it was retired in 1946 - more than 2,300 were built but none now exist.

The project is recreating the forward part of the bomber’s fuselage, including the cockpit area, using recovered and newly-built parts.

"It's a unique project, and what we are doing is recreating the front end of it," said Graham Hutchinson, a volunteer for the charity.

"Occasionally we get the chance to meet veterans who have actually flown in them, so it's quite an honour to meet these people."

Although there are not many veterans left from the Second World War, the charity said the one that volunteers do meet are moved by their work.

John Lathwell, project lead for the Stirling Project Charity said: "Unfortunately, most of the veterans are few and far between, but we have had a few recently who are still with us who have come down to see the project.

"You can see their eyes misting up when they see some of their old crew positions, it brings it home to us that we aren't just men in sheds and we are doing it for a good reason. "

The group, which currently uses a workshop in Alconbury Weald, is having to find a new home due to redevelopments on the site. Members say they will not be able to finish the project until they find a new base.

"We are very grateful to our current landlords and they have been a tremendous help to us over the years.

"But things happen. We are looking for a similar building... one that is just suitable for use as a workshop and that isn't too expensive as we are a charity," said Mr Lathwell.