Suffolk father of three starts 60 mile charity walk after being told he has months to live

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A father of three from Suffolk has set off on a sixty mile walk for charity after a pain in his shoulder ended up being diagnosed as a rare form of terminal cancer.

Kevin Rodger from Lowestoft went to his GP after feeling tired and experiencing shoulder pain. He also had symptoms like itching all over, and a yellowing of the whites of his eyes.

He was eventually given a diagnosis of cholangiocarcinoma, a very rare cancer that forms in the bile duct of the liver, and told he only had months to live.

Initially, Kevin was told there was no treatment available to him but with the help of a Stansted-based charity, AAMF, he got a place on a medical trial for pioneering chemotherapy treatment.

Now, joined by family and friends, Kevin has set off to walk the 60 miles of the Suffolk Coastal path while undergoing treatment to raise awareness and money for the charity that helped him.

He said: "One of the things AMMF helped me do was to get to the specialist that could really give me good advice and confidence that the best medical help was around me so originally I was given a very poor diagnosis with very little hope and now I’m on a chemotherapy pathway which will hopefully open up some options for me.

"It’s a huge check on everything you do and what’s important in your life so it carries a grim prognosis as a cancer.  I’ve got a very young family and I’m determined to spend the best time with them."

The walkers set off from South Pier in Lowestoft this morning to start the walk that will be completed in sections.

Kevin's wife Helen said: "I think it’s amazing.  He’s trying to raise awareness so that if one person goes to the doctors with any symptoms that he’s had and gets an early diagnosis then it will be worth it."

Ivan Sage, Kevin’s father-in-law said: "We’re going to do it in bite size chunks and then further along they’ll be other people joining in, other family members on other days. On the days when he’s well enough to walk."

His son Alex, said he was looking forward to completing the walk with his Dad, saying: "It helps our whole family because we're all in it together."

Kevin hopes the charity walk will give him focus during his treatment and raise money to help others in his situation get all the care and support they need.