Ed Sheeran cooks up 'fish finger ad' cover story for secret Suffolk beach video

ed sheeran with bloke on Lowestoft beach 031122
Ed Sheeran with Matt Goddard after filming on the coast at Lowestoft. Credit: Matt Goddard

Singer Ed Sheeran has been secretly filming a new music video on a beach in his home county of Suffolk - throwing locals off the scent by telling them it was an advert for fish fingers.

The star's cover was blown when people spotted him filming at Lowestoft on Wednesday.

Photographer Matt Goddard told ITV News people on his street noticed film-crew vehicles and security turning up on Tuesday night.

But when they asked what was going on they were told an advert for fish fingers was being shot on the beach.

Mr Goddard, 44, of Gunton Cliff in the town, said more vehicles turned up at about 5am the next morning.

Sheeran later posted a video on his Instagram shot on the beach, saying Shivers had hit a billion streams on Spotify and that he would see his fans next year with a new album.

"Once we got up about 7am and went out to walk the dog and stuff we came back and sat outside our house, seeing what was going on," he said.

"There were a few nice cars and then we saw a guy turn up, who my son recognised as ‘Security Kev’, which is Ed Sheeran’s security.

"A couple of minutes later Ed pulls up in a little Fiat. It was funny: there were two really nice Bentleys there, and then he turned up in a little Fiat."

Mr Goddard, who runs Picture Studios Lowestoft, said Sheeran came straight over to him and his 16-year-old son Kaspar.

“My son was super chuffed as he’s a bit of an Ed Sheehan fan," he said. "We’ve seen him in concert a few years ago but we never thought he’d pull up outside our house.

Ed Sheeran with Kaspar Goddard in Lowestoft Credit: Kaspar Goddard

"When he came over he was so friendly and happy to take a picture with us.

"He took my son’s phone, had a chat and took a picture with him, and me as well. He asked us to keep it quiet, which we did."

Mr Goddard said neither he nor his son revealed the secret until others began uploading pictures to Facebook of Ed and his team.