Guinness World Records Day: Skateboarding Rubik's Cuber among those aiming for new world bests

George Scholey solving a Rubik's Cube on his skateboard.
Credit: PA
George Scholey solved 500 Rubik's Cubes while riding his skateboard to set a new world record. Credit: PA

A Rubik's Cube-solving champion is bidding to break the world record for the most puzzles completed in 24 hours at Guinness World Records Day gets under way.

George Scholey from Northampton is among a group of Britons hoping to claim titles on the 19th annual celebration of world-beaters.

He began the challenge on Wednesday morning and has been live-streaming the event on his YouTube channel as he aims to beat the record of 5,800 Rubik’s Cubes on Thursday morning.

He has also set a record for solving 500 puzzle cubes while riding a skateboard.

Also preparing to break a record is a hyper-flexible 14-year-old dancer from Peterborough, who has set her sights on the title for the fastest 20m backbend knee-lock.

Liberty Barros, a contestant on the upcoming series of Spain’s Got Talent, has previously broken the record for the most chest-to-floor backbends in 30 seconds, achieving 11 in the allotted time.

Elsewhere, Jason Auld will compete for the fastest time to push a car 100 metres while on a unicycle, while Ben Nuttall will hope to claim the title for the most football crossovers in one minute and Amazi, whose real name is Mariam Olayiwola, is aiming for the most hula hoops spun simultaneously while on stilts.

A new Guinness world record was set in the US for the number of backwards somersaults in a minute - 21. Credit: PA

Records have already been broken across the globe ahead of GWR Day 2022, with this year’s theme being Super Skills.

Titles have been claimed in the US for the most backwards somersaults while blindfolded in one minute (21) and in China for the most rear-wheel bunny hops onto a bar while on a bicycle in one minute (14).

In Germany, GWR faithful Mr Hammer Hands - real name Muhamed Kahrimanovic - will attempt in 30 seconds the most coconuts smashed while holding an egg and then the most drinks cans crushed by hand while holding an egg in the same time limit.

More than 1,000 applications were received from aspiring record-breakers across the world for GWR Day, with the hopes of securing their place in the next edition of the book.