YouTube star Colin Furze spends three years digging tunnel linking house to underground bunker

How did you spend lockdown? While many of us embraced home learning, or acquired new skills such as making sourdough or banana bread, one man went a little more extreme.

YouTube star and engineer extraordinaire Colin Furze, spent much of his digging a secret underground tunnel, linking his house to his workshop and underground bunker.

And to keep the construction of the tunnel under wraps, he even invented special silent mining equipment, such as a hydraulic jack hammer.

Now he has released the full two-and-a-half hour feature-length video showing how he achieved the incredible feat.

Furze at work using mining equipment he invented in his workshop Credit: Colin Furze

The YouTube personality known for his unorthodox inventions even had to apply for planning permission for a tunnel under his garden.

Described in his own words as having a “constant disregard for health and safety”, Mr Furze has documented his progress on YouTube in a series called “digging a secret tunnel”.

After he completed his massive underground bunker build in 2015 he told ITV News Anglia that he was driven by the sheer joy of making things.

Forget the dumb waiter - how about the kitchen tunnel? Credit: Colin Furze

"You just keep doing what you enjoy. Keep making things that you want to make. Only take it as it comes really," he said.

"I think if you worry about is the next thing going to be as good as the last one then you'd just end up a quivering wreck and never get to sleep."

Among his other epic projects has been a flame-throwing scooter and a number of life-size Star Wars vehicles including the AT-AT below, first seen in Empire Strikes Back

You can catch up wit more of Mr Furze's incredible projects on his YouTube channel.