Hunt for 'Barry' the lottery winner who left tickets in shopping trolley

A lottery winner called Barry who left a number of tickets in a shopping trolley at a Tesco supermarket is being urged to come forward.

The appeal was shared on social media by Richard Haslop, whose wife found the tickets alongside a winning cheque in a trolley at the supermarket.

Mr Haslop, who lives in Cambridge, said on Facebook: "Anyone know a Barry..? Reason I ask is that my wife found a number of lottery tickets (which also included a winning cheque made out to Barry hence why we know a name) in a Tesco’s trolley and we wish to return to him."

The mystery has been shared widely on social media, as the hunt for Barry continues.

Ms Haslop has posted the appeal on community forums in the hope that Barry comes forward.

He said people would be asked to provide a "description of what the tickets are kept in" before anyone would be able to claim on Barry's behalf.