Frantic shoppers fight over prized KSI 'Prime' drink as it goes on sale in Peterborough

Frantic shoppers fought as a sought-after drink promoted by Youtuber KSI went on sale.

Footage captured by a father shows people scrambling to secure a bottle of "Prime" which went on sale in Aldi this week.

The drink has only been available in a limited number of shops, leading to online sales of the product fetching hundreds of pounds per bottle.

The store in Peterborough started selling the drink this week for £1.99, and people were reportedly queuing from 7.30am.

Shoppers fought over the drink in Peterborough Credit: Mark Hall

When the doors opened, fraught scenes ensued as adults and children scrambled to secure a bottle.

Mark Hall, who posted the video said: "I took my step son because he’s a fan of KSI and Logan Paul. We got there about 7:30, and the doors opened at eight. There were about 30 people in the queue when we got there.

"It got larger in the lead up to opening. When the doors opened, there was a mad rush and kids from the back of the queue came charging to the front. We got through the door (and the) surge kind of carried us through."

He said that the drink was sold out in a matter of seconds.

"It was an all-out bun fight. It sold out in seconds the whole thing was over in a flash. I got three bottles, one of each flavour, and so did my lad."

KSI is one of Britain's biggest Youtubers, with more than 16 million subscribers, and fans worldwide. He has recently ventured into soft drinks, after launching a clothing brand and staging boxing matches against other Youtubers.