Happy ending for 'Barry', reunited with his lottery winnings after huge social media appeal

020123 Anglia winning lottery cheque
The winning cheque has been restored to its rightful owner. Credit: ITV News Anglia

A mystery lottery ticket winner who left his prize cheque in a supermarket shopping trolley has been traced - but wants to stay anonymous.

Barry, from the Cambridge area, had been the subject of a huge social media appeal after the £1,500 cheque was discovered outside a Tesco store.

Richard Haslop, whose wife made the discovery, said he had managed to track him down and had visited his house to deliver the cheque.

Mr Haslop said the elderly man was initially convinced he had the tickets safely stored in his bedroom.

"He said he thought the tickets and the cheque were upstairs. He said 'it's by my bedside' - and he was absolutely convinced, and I said to him 'I don't think it is, it's in my van', at which point he said he'd go upstairs and check.

"He came down five minutes later and he was almost shaking and a bit scared that he had lost it so I gave him it then and he was very, very pleased, he was happy to see it."

Richard Haslop has returned the ticket to the winner Credit: ITV Anglia

Mr Haslop took to Facebook and local community message boards in an attempt to find the lucky winner.

He revealed that 'Barry' had won a substantial sum and said anyone coming forward would be asked to describe what the tickets had been found in to stop anyone trying to falsely claim the cheque.