Appeal over abandoned puppies as RSPCA warns cost-of-living crisis hitting pet owners

ANGLIA 160123 pups abandoned Peterborough RSPCA
The RSPCA is concerned that the cost-of-living crisis is prompting more owners to give up their pets. Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCA has urged pet owners to seek help rather than abandoning their animals after three young pups were found abandoned .

The three terrier-type dogs are about seven weeks old and were found abandoned in Henshaw in Peterborough at around 10pm on 10 January.

RSPCA inspector Justin Stubbs said: “These three little pups, two girls and a boy have been named Squirrel, Mole, and Shrew.

"We think they are probably a terrier-type breed and they are all a bit thin.

“Sadly, we’re starting to see the results of rising costs on pet owners. More animals are coming into our care, more animals are being abandoned, and fewer animals are being rehomed."

The RSPCA is keen to find out who abandoned the puppies.

They have been taken to an animal rescue centre and will be looked after until they are ready to be re-homed.

The puppies are about seven weeks old and very thin Credit: RSPCA

The charity has launched a winter appeal to raise funds to help look after increasing numbers of animals who can no longer be cared for by their owners.

It said cases of pets being abandoned were up by a quarter in the last year.The RSPCA urged anyone struggling to take care of their pet to ask for help.

The charity has also launched a Cost of Living Hub online with tips and advice for anyone who might be finding times hard.

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