Clever Cambridgeshire cat uses owner's video doorbell when he wants to come in

Who needs a cat flap? Not Cambridgeshire cat owner Amanda De'Ath - whose beloved pet Izzy has learned how to use her video doorbell to get in.

The nine-month-old cat has figured out that the sensor at the front door will trigger an alert to his owner's phone.

So, when Izzy wants to be let back in to their home in Wisbech in Cambridgeshire, he climbs up a trellis and sits on a letterbox to set off the bell.

He then waits patiently for the door to be opened.

Ms De'ath said: "The doorbell is motion sensitive and it sent me a notification when I was upstairs and I looked at my phone and saw Izzy.

Izzy with his owner Amanda De'ath at home in Wisbech. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"He started meowing and I started reacting to him.

"He looked straight into the camera like as if he wanted to come in and I came down and let him in!"

She and her pet have now settled into a habit - with each understanding the other.

"We haven't got a catflap and can't fit one into our doors so this is his way of letting us know that he's safe, and he wants to come in," she added.

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