Police claim 'good progress' despite killers who stabbed teenager in Ipswich remaining on loose

Police at the scene of the stabbing on Wednesday.
Credit: ITV News Anglia
Police at the scene of the stabbing on Wednesday. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Police hunting two suspects who stabbed a teenager to death in broad daylight say they are making "really good progress" - despite the attackers remaining on the loose more than three days later.

An 18-year-old man died from his injuries after being attacked in Westgate Street, a busy shopping thoroughfare in Ipswich on Tuesday afternoon.

Witnesses described him being attacked outside a shop and then staggering across the pedestrianised street before collapsing in the doorway of a card shop, with the two suspects fleeing in different directions

Flowers and tributes have since been left at the scene for the teenager, who was from the neighbouring county of Norfolk.

Superintendent Andy Martin said despite no arrests having been made, the investigation was advancing.

"A significant amount of resources are going into the investigation, in what is effectively a man hunt for these two suspects.

"We are making really good progress, and getting more and more information by the second."

Flowers and candles have now been left at the scene in Westgate Street. Credit: ITV News Anglia

He said there were many rumours circulating in the town but that police were "keeping an open mind" about the perpetrators.

"We are keeping this a little bit close to our chests at the moment, while we pursue these offenders, to give us the best chance of catching them," he added.

Supt Martin said the challenge of eradicating gangs in the town was "as much cultural as it is criminal".

"We are not just dealing with people who are carrying knives; we are dealing with people who are willing to carry knives - it's part of their culture."

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