102-year-old David Beckham superfan left overwhelmed at footballer's 'lots of love' message

  • Watch David Beckham's heartfelt message to (possibly) his oldest superfan

A 102-year-old David Beckham superfan has been left overwhelmed - after the former England captain sent her a message thanking her for her support.

Pensioner Mona Hurry is such a huge fan of the footballer that she even has a life-size cardboard cut-out of him at her Cambridgeshire care home.

But staff wanted to go one better than that - and arranged for Becks to deliver his own personal message to his biggest fan.

In the message, Beckham says: "Hi Mona, it's David Beckham. I just wanted to send you a message because everybody at Castor Lodge, all of the staff and of course all of your daughters, have said what an incredible lady you are.

"I also wanted to personally thank you because I know that you have followed my career - my whole career - and I know that you are a huge football fan."

He thanked her for her long-time support, signing off the message with "lots of love for being an incredible person".

Ms Hurry said she was grateful to have received the message, explaining her fascination with Beckham.

"He's normal, he's natural. He doesn't have any airs and graces; he's just himself," she said.

"He never pushes forward. Like what happened when he went to see the Queen - they made a way for him to go forward for him and he said 'No, that's your place, you got here first'.

"That's the sort of person he is."

The message was arranged by Laura Mills, who works at Castor Lodge care home near Peterborough, where Ms Hurry lives.

"To take the time out of his working day and on clearly quite a tight schedule... is just lovely," she said.

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