Abandoned foal found with baked bean cans on hoof named Tin Tin by rescuers

310123 TIn Tin the foal
Tin Tin is making a full recovery Credit: World Horse Welfare

An abandoned foal discovered with two baked bean cans trapped on its hoof has been named Tintin by his rescuers.

World Horse Rescue from Snetterton in Norfolk said it was called out after the foal was spotted with his mother in a field littered with rubbish.

Field officer Becky Bedson said when they managed to get close enough to inspect the foal they discovered two baked bean cans had fitted themselves over his foot like a glove.

"When I looked at his feet I could see he had what looked like a can on his hoof. It was really hard to notice because it was so well attached to his foot."

The baked bean can stuck on Tin Tin's hoof Credit: World Horse Welfare

Ms Bedson said she thought the foal had just stepped in the tins and they had not been put on his hoof deliberately.

Tin Tin is expected to make a full recovery.

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