Stalker who stared in women's windows and left bra and pants in garden gets restraining order

310123 i love you stalker
Addy wrote love messages on the women's cars and in one case left underwear in a woman's garden Credit: ITV Anglia

A stalker who stared at women through their windows and left them “I love you” messages has been handed a 10-year restraining order.

Timothy Addy, 56, of Barton Road, Comberton, near Cambridge, targeted three women in a campaign of strange behaviour.

Police were called in November 2021 after one victim noticed a torch beam being shone in her bedroom window, between 4.20am and 6.30am, up to four times a week.

Eventually she looked out and saw Addy looking up towards her. She had recognised him as previously making her feel uncomfortable when she was out walking or running.

The victim had also noticed a bra, which did not belong to her, hanging on her fence post and, one morning, she had drawn up her blind to see a pair of knickers in her garden.

The second victim said she once noticed a bright light being shone through her window, and when she went to look she saw Addy walking his dog.

And while out on a daily walk during lockdown in 2020, Addy would approach her almost every time and make degrading comments about what she was wearing, leaving her feeling very uncomfortable.

The victim told officers Addy had stopped her in a shop and made sexually explicit comment before closely walking past her and grabbing her inappropriately.

A third victim came forward and said in May 2021 she had come out of her home to find “I love you” written in the dirt on the window of her car, which then happened twice more.

And on one morning, she discovered the same message had been written on the front windscreen - in letters as tall as the windscreen – but this time so it could be read from inside the car, which left her feeling scared.

She also recalled Addy looking through her living room window while she was on the sofa, and when she confronted him after spotting him outside her house again, he apologised.

Det Sgt Matt Smith said: “No-one should be subjected to this form of behaviour which causes victims a great deal of distress. Stalking and harassment will not be tolerated.

“I hope the restraining order gives the victims a measure of comfort and closure, as well as highlighting our dedication to safeguarding victims and bringing offenders before the courts."

Addy pleaded guilty to two charges of stalking involving serious alarm and breach of a stalking protection order (which had been put in place to safeguard the victims while Addy was on bail) when he appeared at Cambridge Crown Court on 26 January.

He was given a 22-month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, 80 hours unpaid work, a 50-day rehabilitation order and a 10-year restraining order, preventing him from contacting his victims.

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