'So empty without her': Friends pay tribute to 'little Princess' killed in Milton Keynes dog attack

Flowers left outside home where Alice Stones died in Milton Keynes.
Credit: PA
Friends and family have left flowers and toys at the scene. Credit: PA

Well-wishers have continued to bring flowers to the house where a four-year-old girl was mauled to death by a family's pet dog, as a shocked community struggles to come to terms with the tragedy.

Flowers, balloons and cuddly toys have been piled up outside the end of terrace house in Netherfield in Milton Keynes, many addressed to their "little princess".

Alice Stones died on Tuesday afternoon after she was attacked by the dog in the back garden of the house in Broadlands.

Meanwhile the church opposite has been opened for people to grieve, and counsellors have been made available to chat to anyone who needs comfort.

Soft toys have been left outside the house together with flowers and balloons Credit: ITV Anglia

Family friend Amisha Patel said she wanted to pay her respects because Alice was "a lovely girl".

She said she knew the family through work and what had happened was heartbreaking.

"I just wanted to pay my respects. I was really, really upset when I heard. It's not a nice thing, I've lost family members myself so I know it can be difficult.

"I was really emotional. We were all in tears when we heard. It was so heartbreaking because we'd got to know the girl really well and the whole family's lovely.

"She was such a bright little girl, so lovely, and just amazing, full of life. She was never a shy person - just so lovely and caring. It feels so empty without her."

From the scene - Rebecca Haworth, ITV News Anglia reporter

You often hear people talk about a close-knit neighbourhood but this area is exactly that. Everyone knows everyone and people are heart-broken about what has happened. It's had a terrible impact on the community.

People coming with their flowers are quiet and respectful, often welling up as they lay their tributes outside the house.

Counsellors at the church opposite are talking to people and they have even been going to visit elderly and housebound people here in their homes to check on them.

We know the family were at last night's candlelit vigil and everyone here is supporting them at this tragic and difficult time.

Alice Stones died after being attacked by a dog in her back garden. Credit: Facebook/Family photo

Donna Fuller, the councillor for Woughton and Fishermead Ward, said the community was pulling together.

"The thing about the area we live in is quite a deprived area, but I've always said what we lack in finances, we're rich in community, and that was evident last night at the vigil.

"Not all of us are able to give much but what we can give is our time."

The dog was "humanely destroyed" at the scene by armed police, and police are continuing their investigations.

Officers have reassured the community that they believe the incident was an isolated one.

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