Tools charity appeals for help after 'car cannibalism' leaves vital van a write-off

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The Ipswich-based tools charity is appealing for help after thieves stripped the entire front from its van Credit: Tools with a Mission

A charity has appealed for help after it became the latest victim of so-called car cannibalism.

The Ipswich-based charity Tools with a Mission has had the engine completely stripped from one of its vans.

The van was targeted at the Suffolk charity's refurbishment centre at Rugby in Warwickshire.

The charity shared the "sad news" on Facebook after its team arrived on Wednesday to find the whole front end of the van had been stolen in the night.

Thieves had taken the entire engine, gearbox, bonnet, and driver's seat, amongst many other items.

The charity said the was van was now completely unusable and would probably have to be written off.

A spokesman said: "This is a devastating blow to our work, as it's the van that gets all the donated tools back to our centres so that they can be refurbished and sent off."

Tools with a Mission collects unwanted tools from across the UK, refurbishes them and ships them out to places like Africa where they can have a new lease of life.

The charity takes tools like sewing machines out to Africa where they can be reused Credit: Tools with a Mission

The Suffolk-based charity is now hoping for help to replace its van and a secure place to store it to stop the same thing happening again.

A spokesman said: "We're reaching out to local companies and organisations in Rugby for support to help us recover from this theft. We would appreciate it if you could share this post with anyone that may be able to help."

Police say so-called 'car cannibalism' is on the increase amid a growing shortage of car parts.

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