Mark and Peta Cavendish describe 'terror our family felt that night' after robbery convictions

  • Peta Cavendish described the ordeal the family had been through

Mark Cavendish and his wife have described the "terror" they felt when knife-wielding robbers raided their house, saying the trauma continues to affect them to this day.

Two men were on Tuesday jailed for 12 and 15 years for two counts of robbery, after a break-in during which the cyclist was assaulted and threatened with a blade, and watches worth £700,000 were stolen.

Speaking outside court, Peta Cavendish read a statement on behalf of the couple.

"For us, this has never been about the items which were taken that night," she said.

“It is about the terror our family felt that night. It’s about the impact it continues to have on us. What these men did was a world away from a robbery on the street – and I want those who know them to know this.

“They came to a home where a young family was sleeping. They broke in, in the middle of the night and they threatened us. They assaulted Mark and they terrified our children."

Mark Cavendish and Peta Cavendish say they have since considered selling their home. Credit: PA

During the sentencing hearing, Mrs Cavendish told the court that she had held a duvet over her three-year-old child's head so they could not see what was going on.

“I cannot fully describe the fear I felt for my family and young children when the men entered our home and threatened us with knives, and I cannot begin to describe the feeling of living in your home in fear that this may happen again," she said.

“But part of the reason we are speaking today is to show that we are moving forward as a family. We still have difficult times – especially the children – but we’re continuing to build our life together.

“No family should ever have to go through what we went through, and I am glad that two people have been sent to jail for significant periods today.

“But no matter what the sentence, any parent will understand that no time in prison will make up for what they did.”

They also thanked Essex Police, adding that they "couldn't have done a better job".

Two men remain wanted in connection with the robbery "and we look forward to a time when they too have to face justice", added Mrs Cavendish.

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