Huge World War Two bomb found in Great Yarmouth due to be detonated as people told to stay away

A large wall of sand has been built around the bomb to contain an explosion.
Credit: ITV News Anglia
A blast wall made of sand has been built up around the bomb. Credit: ITV News Anglia

A huge Second World War bomb unearthed in a seaside town is due to be detonated, after two days of preparations by bomb disposal teams.

Around 350 homes have been evacuated and people living within a 400-metre perimeter in Great Yarmouth in Norfolk have been asked to stay with friends and family or at emergency shelters.

The 250kg bomb was discovered during dredging work in the River Yare at Bollard Quay close to the junction with Boundary Road, on Tuesday.

The discovery of unexploded ordnance in Norfolk is not uncommon, but police have described this incident as "unprecedented" due to the sheer power of the device if it explodes.

Thousands of tonnes of sand have been built up around the one-metre long bomb to create a blast wall to contain the explosion.

The next phase, which is due to happen later on Thursday, has been described as the most dangerous as bomb disposal teams attempt to cut into the device to carry out a controlled detonation.

Supt Nathan Clark from Norfolk Police is continuing to urge people to stay away from the area until it is made safe.

He said a controlled explosion could still be dangerous.

"The capability of that [bomb] is such that we're putting in a 200-metre exclusion zone for any controlled detonation and that's with the existing blast wall in place.

"So you can just imagine the amount of power that bomb would have if it was to go off without it. And even with that sand-blast wall, that still packs a real punch.

"It's really not safe, and I know how disruptive that's going to be to people. People with animals, people who need medication, people who just want the comfort of their own home. But we do need you to stay away."

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