Former Cambridgeshire Police officer jailed after downloading child abuse images

ANGLIA 130223 James Jordan
James Jordan was on a safeguarding unit, but admitted downloading child sex abuse images from his own force's files. Credit: File Image

A former police officer on a child abuse unit has been jailed after downloading images of children being tortured from his own force's files.

James Jordan, 32, who was a Detective Constable for Cambridgeshire Police at Thorpe Wood Police Station, was sentenced to four years at St Albans Crown Court on Friday.

Jordan had accessed the force's confidential systems to view horrific images of children as young as 18 months old being abused and tortured, as well as pictures of women victims in voyeurism cases.He also copied sex videos from the case of a young girl which he was investigating.Jordan appeared for sentencing having admitted to eight offences: five of making indecent photographs of a child and three of misconduct in a public office.Prosecutor Matthew Sorel-Cameron said between February 2021 and his arrest in August 2022 he had download sex images of adult women from cases in which he had no investigation involvement.

He told investigators he began looking at them to appear busy while avoiding work.Sometimes he viewed them at his work desk at work and at other times he viewed them at home, said the prosecutor.

Mr Sorel-Cameron said Jordan had also accessed the computer in the digital forensics unit, which led to his arrest last August.

He looked at voyeurism and child sex abuse images and stored them on a USB stick.

There were 50 images at Category A involving the abuse of young children including one aged 18 months being tortured.In a victim statement the mother of the girl he was investigating said he had abused her trust and would never have guessed he was the kind of man who had a sexual interest in children.

Jailing him, Judge Michael Roques said: “This was a violation of a very high degree of trust placed in you.

"You were not only a police officer, you were a member of child abuse and safeguarding unit. 

"This was all in the background where at a national level after a number of high profile cases the police were trying to regain the public’s trust.”

Jordan must register as a sex offender and abide by the terms of a sexual harm prevention order for 10 years.

Jordan was dismissed from Cambridgeshire Police following a misconduct hearing on 30 January.

Commenting on the sentencing, Cambridgeshire Police Deputy Chief Constable Jane Gyford said: “We expect our officers to uphold the highest standards of behaviour at all times. We continue to be relentless in identifying and rooting out anyone who breaches those expectations and continue to invest heavily in developing our culture.

“Jordan’s actions have undermined the very essence of policing’s core values in protecting the public, especially children and vulnerable people, and helping those in need.

“We expect our workforce to call out concerns about colleagues at an early stage, particularly in relation to any form of violence against women and girls, which remains a priority for us.

"In this case Jordan was in custody within 24 hours of a concern being raised."

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