Kettering mum-of-three dies suddenly while seven months pregnant

Zoe Green died suddenly of a cardiac arrest, her friends said.
Credit: GoFundMe
Zoe Green died suddenly after a cardiac arrest. Credit: GoFundMe

Thousands of pounds have been raised for the family of a pregnant mother of three who died suddenly.

Zoe Green, 26, from Kettering was seven months pregnant when she died last week following a cardiac arrest. Friends have created a fundraising page to try to help her family.

Posting on the site, organiser Kelly Mercer said: "Please please share this to friends and families so we can help the family at this awful time.

"Much appreciated, however small, as I know times are hard for everyone at the moment - but it all helps."Ms Green's unborn son died because of a lack of oxygen, she added.

Zoe Green's unborn also died when she collapsed, said a family friend. Credit: BPM Media

Ms Mercer, who knew Ms Green through a youth group she ran, said she spoke to her the day before she died.

Ms Mercer said: "Zoe went to school with my daughter. I've known her all her life. On Tuesday morning she rang her mum, at five or six in the morning, saying she didn't feel very well.

"Her mum lives five minutes away but by the time she walked down Zoe was dead on the floor in the bathroom. She leaves behind three children and [...] she was seven months pregnant.

"Everybody is in complete shock. To our knowledge, she was fine. She just woke in the night and didn't feel well so phoned her mum, who would pop along."

An appeal to help the family, including her three children, has already raised nearly £3,500.

The fundraisers said the money would go towards covering the costs for Ms Green's funeral and be put towards the children's future.

They said: "If we could all donate a small amount to help towards the funeral and for the children's futures.

"We will also will be doing other fundraising things in the next few weeks to raise some money as well, so keep an eye out for when you can buy the tickets and if you can donate any prizes let me know, please."

People making donations paid tribute on the fundraising page.

One said: "So sorry for the huge loss."

Another said: "Sleep tight Darling, sending love and strength to your family xxx."

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