Driver clocked at 136mph in Norfolk claimed he had booked speed awareness course

The driver was clocked doing 136mph on the A140.
Credit: NSRAPT/Twitter
The driver hit 136mph on a 70mph stretch of the A140 - nearly twice the limit. Credit: NSRAPT/Twitter

A driver who was clocked by police at 136mph (220kph) told police at the roadside he had just booked himself on to a speed awareness course.

The motorists was stopped by officers on the A140 near Diss in Norfolk on Sunday.

Officers from the Norfolk and Suffolk Roads Policing Team, who tweeted about the incident, said the driver would be reported and required to attend court.

"The driver stated that they had just booked a Speed Awareness Course!" they added.

Other Twitter users remarked on the irony of the timing, with one suggesting: "They'll be walking to the course then?!"

Another said: "Do you get your money back for cancelling the course? As don't think he'll have to bother with it in all honesty."

A third joked: "Was he waiting for the course so he knows the speed limits?"

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