Dashcam footage shows car crashing into broken-down vehicle on Norfolk's NDR

Dashcam footage has been released of a car crashing into a broken-down vehicle on a busy road in Norwich.

The crash happened after a driver failed to notice a car that had stopped on the inside lane of the A1270 Broadland Northway, also known as the NDR.

After the collision, the footage filmed from an approaching vehicle shows debris and dirt being thrown high into the air and across the road.

The driver suffered serious injuries in the collision, which happened in January.

The occupants of the broken-down car had already moved to the grass verge before the crash, so avoided injury.

Norfolk Police have released the dashcam footage, with the backing of all those involved, to highlight the importance of people leaving their vehicle if it breaks down.

The advice is to leave your vehicle via the passenger side if possible and move away from it, ideally behind a safety barrier if there is one – making you and your car as visible as possible.

PC Callum Walchester of the Norfolk and Suffolk Roads and Armed Policing Team, said: “This footage is a stark reminder of the dangers of staying in your car if you have broken down.

“If someone had stayed inside, people in both vehicles could have been seriously injured or killed, so it is vitally important to follow the safety advice.

“Keeping people safe on the roads is a force priority with driver error, distraction, and a lack of concentration being key factors in the majority of serious and fatal collisions.

“The advice is always to keep your eyes on the road, any lapse in concentration can dangerously affect your ability to respond in any situation.

“In this case the driver of the stationary vehicle had done the right thing by moving away.

“For whatever reason the other driver failed to see the danger ahead and a collision occurred.”

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