Essex girl, 3, with cerebral palsy stuck in hospital for months over safe care dispute

  • ITV Anglia's Russell Hookey reports.

A three-year-old girl with severe cerebral palsy has not left hospital for months because her family say the care package offered to her at home is not safe.

Lovelle Treadwell, from Benfleet, Essex, has been stuck in hospital for the last five months, despite being given the all clear to come home.

Her parents Greg and Sarah Treadwell said the care package they have been offered is not suitable as Lovelle needs skilled carers and might not survive otherwise.

Mr Treadwell said: "We keep going round and round in this circle whereby Lovelle ends up in intensive care, then goes into hospital.

"The local NHS integrated care board (ICB) appoints new care providers and tells us to forget the past, then we go back [to hospital] and exactly the same thing happens and nothing changes.

"This time we've put our foot down and just said we can't keep going in this circle, because next time she might not survive."

Lovelle's parents Greg and Sarah Treadwell are hoping the next care package plan is more suitable for her needs. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Lovelle has severe cerebral palsy after suffering a brain injury from a lack of oxygen around the time of birth, therefore cannot swallow or protect her airways.

She also has a heart condition and global development delay.

Lovelle has a specially adapted bedroom which has kitchen facilities for a carer, but Mr and Mrs Treadwell do not have confidence in the care package being offered.

The ICB dictate the care package provided to Lovelle, but as her parents believe it would put her life at risk, they now take turns to sit with their daughter in hospital.

It means they rarely see other or their other two children.

Lovelle Treadwell with her siblings. Credit: Family handout

A spokesperson for the ICB said they are trying to help the family and told ITV News Anglia: "We continue to work closely with Mr and Mrs Treadwell.

"We have secured a new provider who is now developing an appropriate package of care.

"Our absolute priority is to continue working closely with the family to enable a safe and effective discharge from hospital."

On Friday, Mr and Mrs Treadwell said they hope the latest care provider will give them more hope, but they fear the ICB will not meet their daughter's needs.

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