Animal Rising activists snatch lambs from King's royal estate at Sandringham in 'rescue' operation

  • Animal activists filmed themselves as they took lambs from fields on the Sandringham royal estate

Animal rights activists say they have "rescued" three lambs from a farm on the King's Sandringham estate, which they claim had been destined for the slaughterhouse.

Campaign group Animal Rising said three of its members got on to a farm on the royal estate at around 8pm on Wednesday.

Video footage shows the three women carrying the lambs away from a field, walking beyond a perimeter tape and then putting them into a van.

The campaigners are then pictured inside the van posing with the three lambs - whom they have named Sammy, Sunny, and Sooty.

Animal Rising activists posing with the three lambs they say they have 'rescued' from Sandringham Estate. Credit: Animal Rising

Animal Rising said that it was able to confirm on Thursday morning that the young sheep were "safe". It is understood that the animals have been handed in to an unknown safe place to be taken care of.

The same three women then held a demonstration in Windsor, before handing themselves in to police.

They were holding placards with photos of the animals on them and slogans saying "I rescued the King's sheep" and "This is how we love animals".

Police confirmed that three women, aged in their 20s and 30s, voluntarily attended a police station in Slough and were arrested on suspicion of theft.

Animal Rising protesters in Windsor. Credit: Animal Rising

The campaigners said they had grounds to believe the lambs were destined to be slaughtered, as they had belonged to a farm selling lamb meat.

Sarah Foy, 23, one of the women, said: “Like anyone, animals want to live out their lives safely and without being used or exploited.

"Sadly that is not the case here at Sandringham, or anywhere they are used in our food system.

"That is exactly why we rescued three sheep - three beautiful lambs who’ll now live their lives to the fullest."

Animal Rising campaigners carrying off a lamb. Credit: Animal Rising

She said the stunt was taken to start conversations about "our relationship with other animals and nature".

The group wants land currently used for meat production to be used for plant-based farming and re-wilding instead.

A Norfolk Police spokesman said: “Norfolk Police are investigating reports three lambs were stolen from a farm in West Newton, Norfolk.

“Three women aged in their 20s and 30s voluntarily attended a police station in Slough and were arrested on suspicion of theft.

“They remain in custody.”

Buckingham Palace said the incident is a matter for police, and it would not comment on an ongoing investigation.

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