Ex-Hertfordshire sergeant banned from police for taking 'playful' sex life too far

Credit: PA
Hertfordshire Police headquarters Credit: PA

A former police sergeant will not be able to serve again after a gross misconduct hearing “found proved” a catalogue of sex allegations.

A disciplinary panel was told the former officer was in an “intimate, personal” relationship with an unnamed constable – referred to as PC X.

They heard on one occasion during their relationship, former Hertfordshire PS Tom Daly disregarded PC X’s “request to end intercourse” but “forced her to continue".

Photos supported an allegation PS Daly had punched PC X in the face during sex, according to a hearing decision report, and the sergeant had violent sex with PC X in a police station, which resulted in bruising to her wrists.

He also criticised PC X’s choice of dress for “as he perceived it, being too revealing”, told her she was a “psychopath”, and taking PC X’s work locker key without her knowledge and rummaging through the contents.

They heard an allegation of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, when, while on holiday in Edinburgh, the former officer punched his victim in the face causing her to suffer reddening and a bloodshot eye.

Former sergeant Daly additionally “engaged in a work-related social media messaging chat with a junior member of staff, in which he discussed other members of staff under his leadership and confidential matters about them to which only he would have been privy”.

This amounted to a breach of confidentiality, the Hertfordshire Constabulary decision report concluded.

The report confirms the former sergeant did not attend the panel hearing and was not represented. Mr Daly had been interviewed when the police considered criminal proceedings against him, but these resulted in “no further action” in August 2022.

He acknowledged the allegations against him would amount to controlling and coercive behaviour but denied they took place.

Afterwards, the ex-sergeant left the force and “declined to engage further in the process”.

The report said: “Despite having a ‘playful’ sex life, on two occasions PS Daly went far too far, once asphyxiating her to the point she passed out, and on another occasion punching her to the face causing bruising and constituting the assault in Edinburgh."

The panel concluded: “Officers should … always have high professional standards, given their work dealing with vulnerable members of the public. The public are entitled to expect no less.”

If Mr Daly were still serving, the panel would have ruled he should be dismissed without notice. His name will be included in the Police Barred List.