'It was like being in Jumanji' - 12 escaped rheas roam small Norfolk town of Stalham

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Witnesses described seeing Hollywood-like scenes in a small town as a dozen escaped rheas ran riot in the streets.

Cars stopped and residents took pictures as the tall emu-like birds strolled around Stalham in Norfolk after escaping from a nearby farm.

Residents took photographs of the birds as they roamed in front gardens.

Witness Amy Watson, 26, said: "It was a normal morning, I got in the car at 5.45am. I pulled out of the drive on to the road, and had to stop suddenly as I had five what I thought were emus run at the car."

She added: "At that time of the morning I was questioning myself if I was seeing things. I then drove to the top of the road, and had to stop again for four more that ran in front of the car."

After encountering the birds twice, Ms Watson decided to try to track down the owners.

"I put it on Facebook hoping the owners would see it, so they could catch them," she said.

Two of the rheas were spotted outside this house in Stalham Credit: Amy Watson

"It was just bizarre. You'd think you were in Jumanji or something, where you have this flock of birds running at you at that time of day.

"There was no-one else around other than me. I thought I was imagining it.

"I had to take a photo, because I just didn't believe my eyes, and I knew no-one would believe me if I went home and saw a pack of emus running at me."

A spokesman for the farm where the rheas were kept said the escaped birds were young birds who could run very fast and hide well but that they would not attack people.

Most have now been recaptured but the farm is asking people to keep an eye out and let them know if they spot any still on the loose.

A spokesman said: "Do not approach the rhea as that may frighten them which may cause them to run away."