Mansion built for first PM to host 24-hour music festival in Norfolk

Festival-goers will be partying for 24-hours a day in the grounds of the historic Houghton Hall. Credit: PA

A 24-hour, four-day rave is set to take place in the grounds of an 18th century mansion which was built for the UK’s first prime minister.

Sir Robert Walpole had Houghton Hall built in the 1720s and would often hold Cabinet meetings there, but from August 10 til 13 it will play host to a different kind of gathering - a dance music festival.

Set amongst the sycamore trees and deers of the mansion’s gardens will be Houghton Festival, where more than 200 musical acts will perform on 13 stages.

Underground music fans from far-flung corners of the globe including South America, Japan and Australia are expected to be among the 12,000 revellers set to descend on King's Lynn in Norfolk.

It’s a far-cry from the mansion’s original intended purpose, but perhaps not too far removed from what Sir Robert wanted to exude when he commissioned it.

Houghton Hall was built to reflect the wealth, taste, and power of its owner and some aspects of the festival keep in line with those themes; there’s an al fresco floating restaurant on a lake within the gardens and the sculpture garden will remain open throughout the festival.

Art fans will be able to travel to the sculpture garden on a miniature railway to view works by greats including James Turrell, Rachel Whiteread, Richard Long, Stephen Cox and Anya Gallacio.

Creative director of the festival, Craig Richards, said: “The curation of the festival will always revolve around juxtaposition and variety.

“The care and consideration with which we present the music is incredibly important to us.

“The completed programming allows even greater possibilities for the inspired music lover and clearly defines Houghton as a unique place of wonder and discovery.”

Here are some of the artists set to perform:

  • Nik Bartsch’s Ronin (Live)

  • Ricardo Villalobos

  • Chris Korda (Live)

  • Helena Hauff, Eliza (Live)

  • Zip, Ben Ufo

  • Bjarki (Live Av)

  • Gigi Fm

  • Donato Dozzy

  • Dj Nobu, Kittin & The Hacker (Live)

  • Burnt Friedman & Joao Pais Felipe (Live)

  • Shackleton (Live)

  • Romeo Poirer (Live)

  • E/tape

  • Baby Vulture

  • Jane Fitz

  • Horse Meat Disco

  • Gigi Masin (Live)

  • Vladamir Ivkovic & Lena Willikens

  • Powder, Yu Su

  • Red Axes

  • Erol Alkan

  • Mathew Jonson (Live)

  • Monolake (Live)

  • Move D

  • Shy One

  • Midland

  • Peach

  • Gerd Janson

  • Nicolas Lutz

  • Dj Masda

  • Roman Flugel (Live)

  • Paranoid London Feat Josh Caffe (Live)

  • Calibre

  • Mark Ernestus

  • Radioactive Man (Live)

  • Prosumer

  • Tama Sumo & Lakuti

  • Optimo

  • Saoirse

  • Sonja Moonear

  • The Ghost

  • Binh

  • Gene On Earth

  • Francesco Del Garda

  • Dj Stingray 313

  • Josey Rebelle

  • D. Tiffany

  • Evan Baggs

  • Batu

  • Call Super

  • Parris

  • Danielle

  • Bobby.

  • Giant Steps

  • Hamish & Toby

  • Shanti Celeste

  • Raresh

  • Margaret Dygas