When will summer weather return to the Anglia region, after the sixth wettest July on record?

august summer weather kit hill sunny view moorland
Credit: Simon Friend.
A warm summers day Credit: Simon Friend

After what we've seen in the past month - which ended as the sixth wettest July on record for the UK - you could be forgiven for possibly having given up hope of seeing traditional summer weather.

But it is good news if you have been wanting to enjoy something more summer-like: your luck might be about to change.

Wednesday started with an unseasonably deep area of low pressure driving in bands of rain, heavy thundery showers and very strong winds for the south of England, but looking at the weather charts for next week that looks set to change.

For the past six weeks our weather has been dominated by areas of low pressure, something more typical for the Autumn months.

We've been lacking high pressure - our fair weather friend, which leads to lighter winds, calmer days, strong sunshine and something warmer for the time of year.

But now a number of weather centre computer models, including the Met Office, are starting to show that from next Wednesday/Thursday, something more settled will begin to dominate.

The American computer model (GFS) shows high pressure gradually building through Wednesday and Thursday, 9 and 10 August. Credit: WX Charts

The Azores high looks set to move in from the southwest leading to lighter winds and allowing temperatures to cover back to something more typical for summer.

It must be said that this is still a little way off. However, with at least three computer models from differing centres showing a similar story,it provides meteorologists with higher confidence.

Forecast from ECWMF shows temperatures will rise from below average (solid red line) to above average towards the end of next week Credit: ECWMF - Valid for Cambridge. Computer model Wednesday 2nd August 00Z

The above graphic looks at the long range forecast for Cambridge from the European Centre for Medium Weather Forecasts.

It shows temperatures are set to rise from the middle part of next week from below average (solid red line) to above average. The winds too are set to ease, which ties in nicely with the high pressure building.

It might not be anywhere near the high temperatures we saw last year, nor is it set to be for such a long period of time.

However, the warmer and drier conditions look to become slightly more likely than the unseasonably unsettled weather of July.

So summer might once again begin to feel a little more summer-like.