CCTV captures fox 'flying' out of Luton flat window

The CCTV shows a fox jumping out of a first floor flat in Luton

Watch the moment that a cunning visitor was chased into a Luton couple's upstairs flat before "flying out" of their bathroom window.

The incident involving a wild fox happened in September - in a matter of seconds - who appeared to outsmart husband and wife Dave and Sarah Masters, 55 and 48.

It was caught by the couple's home CCTV after their two pet dogs Benji and Mylo pursued the creature from the corner of the back garden, over a six foot wooden fence and upstairs into the flat at about 7.30am.

The animal interrupted a "shocked" Mrs Masters in her bedroom while she was enjoying her morning coffee in bed and her husband was chasing the dogs around the garden in his dressing gown.

Mr Masters originally thought it had scampered into the road and only realised the fox had escaped out of the 15ft-high bathroom window after viewing his CCTV.

Dave and Sarah Masters who had an unexpected visitor of a wild fox in their Luton flat. Credit: Dave Masters Credit: Dave Masters

The retired police officer said: "I was letting the dogs out in the garden because my wife said there were some pigeon feathers there and the little dog likes to pick them up.

"I was going to clear them up.

"As I went out into the garden they shot down past me into the corner, which they normally do when the sense something, and all of a sudden this fox comes shooting past me.

"I try to see what's happening. I think nothing of it. I go back to picking up these feathers and the next thing, the fox runs past me being chased by Benji amd Mylo.

Benji (left) and Mylo, who belong to Dave and Sarah Masters. The dogs chased a fox into the couple's flat in Luton. Credit: Dave Masters Credit: Dave Masters

"About 30 seconds later my wife said the fox has been in the bedroom and I was a bit shocked. It shot straight up the stairs in the bedroom, and then it had come out.

"My wife was a bit concerned it was still in the flat and she came down in her nightie."

Reflecting on the footage he added: "I was still in my dressing gown. When I look back it's quite funny seeing me run after the dogs looking like Basil Fawlty.

"I just see this fox come flying out of the window and I thought amazing. What a thing to see. It's not every day you get a fox come in your house and jump out of your window.

"I keep watching it. I've shown it to my friends. It's just a very unusual thing to happen and I'm just so grateful I caught it on the camera."

The animal-lover believed the fox had been sniffing about in his garden for about five minutes before entering the upstairs flat.

No one - including the couple, fox, or their pet dogs - was injured.

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