What Storm Babet will mean for the East of England, with heavy rainfall and high winds predicted

Heavy rain hit Felixstowe as the impact of Storm Babet began to be felt. Credit: Stephen Squirrell

Storm Babet drenched the region on Wednesday night with bouts of heavy rainfall and strong winds - with some parts of the East seeing half a month's worth of rainfall.

At Wattisham in Suffolk that meant 33.4mm falling in a night.

And while it might seem like a quieter day on Thursday, Storm Babet isn't done with us yet.

Further heavy rainfall and strong winds are expected through Friday as more rain-bearing weather fronts move in from the south.

The Met Office has issued further weather warnings for the end of the week for both strong winds across our coastal sites and heavy rain towards the south-east of the region.

Friday Weather Warnings for Storm Babet Credit: Met Office

South-easterly winds are expected to gust between 40mph and 60mph, leading to gales across our coasts.

During high tides, the water is likely to pile up along the east coast possibly leading to wave overtopping.

This may lead to further costal erosion on the Norfolk coast at Hemsby where insufficient sea defences are leading to further loss of the land.

Heavy rain is expected once again on Thursday night and through Friday, falling on to already sodden ground from the first batch of rain.

This could lead to some localised flooding issues, where rainfall totals continue to tot up.

There is a low probability of 25-50mm of rainfall in the space of six to 12 hours, with some isolated areas seeing up to 80mm.

There is still a lot of uncertainty regarding the location of the low pressure system and thus the certainty about the track and amounts of rainfall are lower than usual.

By Saturday, the main system will start to pull northwards, leaving a showery set up for the first half of the weekend.

There's the risk of some isolated thundery activity which could give some heavy rain for a time although these will be hit and miss.