'A job for every day of the week' - Anger at seven-job MP Brandon Lewis's latest role

  • People in Great Yarmouth have their say on Sir Brandon Lewis MP taking on a seventh job. ITV News Anglia's Natalie Gray reports.

Voters in the constituency of a Tory MP recently recruited to his seventh job have called on him to "do one job properly".

Sir Brandon Lewis has been urged to "talk to people on the ground" in his Norfolk constituency of Great Yarmouth - but there were also supportive voices for the former cabinet minister who added he was doing "a good job".

Sir Brandon who has represented the seat since May 2010, earns more than £200,000 from his six other jobs.

These include being an MP, for which he earns £86,584 per year, two £60,000-a-year positions with property developer Homes and infrastructure firm FM Conway, and consultancy for Civitas Investment Management which makes him £30,000 a year for four hours work each month.

His latest role is a senior adviser with investment firm LetterOne which could reportedly earn him a salary in the low six figures.

The company was founded by billionaires Mikhail Fridman and Petr Aven who were placed on the UK’s sanctions list following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

While LetterOne has restructured itself to comply with sanctions, the businessmen still own about half of shares.

Keir Cozens who is the Labour Party's parliamentary candidate for Great Yarmouth. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Keir Cozens, Labour Party parliamentary candidate for Great Yarmouth, slammed the MP for taking on the extra job.

He said: "Seven jobs - one for every day of the week - is just outrageous particularly at a time where people are raising with me on the doorstep that they can't make ends meet.

"Their homes are falling into the sea and they can't see a doctor or a dentist.

"Those are the issues he needs to be focused on and he should be working full-time at them.

"How can you do that when you've got six other jobs?"

Other people living in the town criticised the decision by Sir Brandon to take on an extra job.

Bob Sewell, 70, from Great Yarmouth, who is concerned about Sir Brandon Lewis MP having seven jobs. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Bob Sewell, 70, said: "You very rarely see him here. Talk to people on the ground and get the real facts of what we think about this town. You've got to do one job properly first.

"Once you've done it properly you can then think about getting another one but taking on seven jobs? That's a scream, isn't it?"

David Buttery, 54, from Great Yarmouth, who had views on Sir Brandon Lewis MP having extra jobs. Credit: ITV News Anglia

David Buttery, 54, thought seven jobs seemed excessive for anybody.

He said: "You wonder how much he can concentrate on his constituency duties."

Graham Pigott, 66, who did not mind Sir Brandon Lewis MP having extra jobs on top his parliamentary role. Credit: ITV News Anglia

But Graham Pigott, 66, disagreed and said: "He's a good man to do all seven jobs. If he can keep it up. So long as he doesn't let any of the other people down then I've got no problem with it.

"I'm also a Thatcherite and believe Brandon is doing a fairly good job. Things have been improving in Great Yarmouth."

Conservative Party member Peter Shepherd, 81, who supports Sir Brandon Lewis MP for Great Yarmouth in his decision to have extra jobs. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Conservative Party member Peter Shepherd, 81, also did not have a problem with Sir Brandon's extra roles.

"Labour MPs have second jobs," he added.

Sir Brandon Lewis MP who represents Great Yarmouth. Credit: PA Credit: PA

Sir Brandon said he was "proud" of his record as MP and his time commitment to his additional jobs have been "modest".

He added he had sought advice on his multiple roles.

The MP said: "Having served as a government minister and secretary of state for 10 years, I know that my previous ministerial responsibilities involved a much greater time commitment but I still always continued carried out my duties as MP with care and diligence.

"Along with my team, in Great Yarmouth and Parliament, I continue to deal with hundreds of constituent inquiries every week. That hard work for our community continues undimmed."

He said he had secured investments for the town including government funding for the Third River Crossing, £60m for town centre regeneration, improvements to the A147, and replacement for the James Paget University Hospital.

"And I've stood up on the issues that matter for Great Yarmouth, such as opposing the use of hotels in tourist areas to house asylum seekers while waiting for cases to be determined.

"This use of hotels has now been scrapped by the Home Office. I am currently fighting for better access to NHS dental treatment in the constituency, along with the day-to-day case work for constituents across Great Yarmouth."

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