Podcast: What You Need To Know about Hemsby, the Norfolk village falling into the sea

The What You Need To Know podcast. Credit: ITV News

In the latest episode of the ITV News: What You Need To Know podcast, ITV News Anglia reporter Rob Setchell sits down with Faye Barker to discuss the devastating erosion that continues to haunt the Norfolk coastal village of Hemsby.

The popular seaside resort near Great Yarmouth has become the focus of national attention as more and more of the sandy cliffs are lost to the North Sea.

As the years have passed, dozens of homes have had to be demolished before they too are swept away, while in the past few days, a vital access road collapsed - leaving terrified residents stranded and children unable to go to school.

Despair then turned to anger earlier this year when planned £20m permanent sea defences were scrapped due to the spiralling costs of the project - leading to accusations from villagers that they had been "abandoned" by the government.

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