Family renting house in Luton win £3m Somerset house in Omaze prize draw

ANG Omaze Somerset House winners Michael Maher with wife Amanda. credit Olly Goss PR 120123
Omaze Somerset House winners Michael Maher with wife Amanda Credit: Olly Goss PR

A family who have been living in a rented house are now owners of a £3m countryside mansion.

IT worker Michael Maher - who lives in a four-bedroom house with his wife and two children in Luton - became a multi-millionaire overnight after winning an Omaze Million Pound House Draw.

The 53-year-old originally from Essex has the option of swapping to his new six-bedroom house in Somerset, which comes with a tennis court and picturesque gardens.

He has also won £100,000 in cash.

The £3m mansion in Somerset Credit: Olly Goss PR

The 3,850 sq ft home has a spacious living room with a curved staircase, a drawing room with a fireplace, an open plan kitchen connected to an orangery by French doors.

Each bedroom overlooks the surrounding greenery, made up of manicured lawns, woodland and fields.

There are several gardens, including a fruit garden with a greenhouse, and a garden with a private well and built-in gas barbecue.

One of the six bedrooms in the Somerset house. Credit: Olly Goss PR

Estate agents estimate the property could achieve a rental value of at least £6,000 a month.

Mr Maher lives with his wife Amanda, a 54-year-old school admin assistant, two teenage children and a cocker spaniel. He also has two adults sons and a grandchild.

He said: “I had a call from Omaze saying I'd won a prize - obviously I was intrigued but my daughter was somewhat sceptical and told me not to get too excited as I've probably only won a toaster.

"Luckily for me it turned out to be a £3m house - that also happens to come with a toaster!

The open plan kitchen Credit: Olly Goss PR

“We went to the pub to celebrate and then on for a nice curry - it was your average Friday night really, apart from the fact we’d just become millionaires!

“When they told us we’d won the house in Somerset, the first thing my daughter said was that she’d had the best kebab in her life last time she was there, so she was delighted we now own a house in such a culinary hotspot.

"I thought she might be more impressed with the tennis court to be honest, but you can never tell with teenagers!

The orangery with French doors leading to a garden. Credit: Olly Goss PR

“I’m actually rubbish at tennis, but maybe I'll improve as I've got no excuse not to practise now!

“My son and daughter asked us if they can quit their Saturday jobs now that we own a mansion - we said absolutely not, we want them to stay grounded."

Mr Maher joked that the house is so big he might have to put a bell on his dog, because he might lose him.

Outdoor seating at the Somerset mansion. Credit: Olly Goss PR

He said he and his family are still deciding what to do in the long time, but will "definitely" spend time in the new countryside house.

The prize draw has also raised £3.5m for the RSPCA, the UK's biggest animal charity.

The RSPCA rescues and rehomes hundreds of animals every year. It reports that calls are at a three-year high, with many centres full with unwanted pets.

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