Alleged fentanyl killer says he created fake identities on Essex victim’s instructions

Luke D'Wit was captured on bodycam talking to an officer.
IT worker Luke D’Wit, 34, denies murder. Credit: Essex Police.

An IT worker accused of murdering a married couple and rewriting their will has admitted creating fake identities - but told a court it was the husband's idea.

Stephen Baxter, 61, and his 64-year-old wife Carol were found dead at their home in West Mersea, Essex, on Easter Sunday last year.

Luke D’Wit, 34, who denies murder, is accused of poisoning the couple with the opioid painkiller fentanyl.

At his murder trial at Chelmsford Crown Court, D'Wit said he had created a series of fake identities to communicate with Mrs Baxter - but it was her husband Mr Baxter that had asked him to do it.

The false identities included doctors to talk to Mrs Baxter about her thyroid condition or gut problems.

D'Wit said: “The actual mechanics was me, but it was instructions from Stephen.”

Stephen Baxter, 61, and his 64-year-old wife Carol were found dead in West Mersea.

D’Wit denied there was a “sinister” motive behind the communications and identities, saying they were used by Mr Baxter to improve his wife’s health and their relationship.

Prosecutors have said D’Wit used the false identities to make recommendations to Mrs Baxter with “no clinical basis”, in order to manipulate her.

One of the made-up people included “Cheryl” a fake patient.

Speaking about Cheryl, D’Wit told jurors: “Steve had the idea that she needed someone to talk to and air all her grievances to, and it might get some of her anxiety away.

“We created someone for Carol to talk to.”

D’Wit also described the moment he saw the Baxters in their home after their deaths.

He told the court they were both “grey” and there was “discharge” coming from Mrs Baxter.

D’Wit said he had collected medicines from around the house for the first responders, denying that he saw or took any fentanyl patches.

The trial continues.

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