Police and crime commissioner elections 2024: The results from across the East of England

Danielle Stone, Northamptonshire's new PFCC, celebrates her victory.
Credit: ITV News Anglia
Danielle Stone, the newly-elected commissioner for Northamptonshire, celebrates with supporters. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Labour has made several significant gains in police and crime commissioner elections across the east, beating the Conservatives in three counties where they have never won before.

In Bedfordshire, John Tizard ousted the incumbent Festus Akinbusoye, with a majority of more than 5,000 votes in the county.

Elsewhere, Labour gained Norfolk, with Sarah Taylor edging out Giles Orpen-Smellie, while Northamptonshire was taken by Labour's Danielle Stone.

Meanwhile Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Thames Valley were held by the Conservatives.

The newly elected police and crime commissioners in the ITV Anglia region

PCCs are elected every four years and their job is to hold the police force in their area to account. They set the budget and make sure the money is spent effectively, appoint the chief constables, and outline the priorities.

In certain areas in the East of England - including Essex and Northamptonshire - the commissioners also hold the fire service to account.

PCC elections have taken place across the ITV News Anglia region in all police force areas, with polling stations counting votes.

Here you can follow the latest results for the PCC elections as they come in.

You can also stay up to date with the full results of the council elections in the ITV News Anglia region, as votes are counted.

What does a PCC do - and how much do voters know about them?

Who has been elected as the PCC for Cambridgeshire?

Darryl Preston has been elected for another term as Cambridgeshire's Police and Crime Commissioner.

The Conservative candidate, who was first elected in 2021, saw off competition from Labour's Anna Smith and Lib Dem Edna Murphy in the vote.

Turnout was 25.21%, with a total of 162,066 votes cast.

  • Darryl Preston, Conservatives - 61,688 (38.06%)

  • Anna Smith, Labour - 58,394 (36.03%)

  • Edna Murphy, Lib Dem - 41,984 (25.91%)

Cambridgeshire PCC Darryl Preston admits win came against backdrop of 'tough night' for Tories

Who has been elected as the PCC for Bedfordshire?

Labour's John Tizard has defeated sitting PCC Festus Akinbusoye to become Bedfordshire's new police and crime commissioner.

He polled 40,745 votes to 35,688 for Mr Akinbusoye, who had been the PCC for the county since 2021.

Turnout was 19.59%, with a total of 100,679 votes cast.

Speaking afterwards, he said he was "absolutely delighted".

  • John Tizard, Labour - 40,738 (40.46%)

  • Festus Akinbusoye, Conservatives - 35,688 (35.45%)

  • Jasbir Singh Parmar, Lib Dem - 15,857 (15.75%)

  • Waheed Akbar, Workers Party - 8,396 (8.34%)

Bedfordshire PCC John Tizard sets out his first plans for policing in the county.

Who has been elected as the PFCC for Northamptonshire?

Danielle Stone claimed Northamptonshire for Labour, succeeding Tory Stephen Mold, who chose not to stand again after a troubled end to his term.

She earned a majority of nearly 4,000 votes over Tory candidate Martyn Emberson.

Turnout was 19.62%.

  • Danielle Stone, Labour - 43,684

  • Martyn Emberson, Conservatives - 39,714

  • Ana Savage Gunn, Lib Dem - 27,799

Who has been elected as the PCC for Essex?

Conservative Roger Hirst has been voted in as police, fire and crime commissioner for Essex, a position he has held since 2016.

  • Roger Hirst, Conservatives - 126,447 (37.06%)

  • Adam Fox, Labour - 116,875 (34.26%)

  • Kieron Franks, Lib Dem - 52,922 (15.51%)

  • Robin Tilbrook, English Democrats - 34,153 (13.16%)

Who has been elected as the PCC for Norfolk?

Labour have claimed victory in the PCC elections in Norfolk for the first time, with Conservative Giles Orpen-Smellie losing his position to Sarah Taylor.

Turout was 21.06%, with a total of 149,165 votes cast.

  • Sarah Taylor, Labour - 52,445 (35.16%)

  • Giles Orpen-Smellie, Conservatives - 50,567 (33.90%)

  • Martin Schmierer, Green - 23,628 (15.84%)

  • John Crofts, Lib Dem - 22,525 (15.10%)

Norfolk PCC Sarah Taylor said she would aim to make the role more visible

Who has been elected as the PCC for Suffolk?

Tim Passmore has been elected as the police and crime commissioner for Suffolk, meaning he keeps the role he has held since its inception in 2012.

He saw off competition from James Sandbach of the Lib Dems, Rachel Smith-Lyte of the Greens, and Labour's Sir Robin Wales.

Turnout was 22.69%, with a total of 131,731 votes cast.

Mr Passmore said: "It's a huge honour and privilege to serve the people of Suffolk again - there is a lot to do so now let's just get on and make Suffolk even better.

"I'm about putting the people of Suffolk first and that will remain right at the top of the agenda as long as I'm in this post."

  • Tim Passmore, Conservatives - 52,968 (41.05%)

  • Robin Wales, Labour - 41,734 (32.34%)

  • Rachel Smith-Lyte, Green - 22,488 (17.43%)

  • James Sandbach, Lib Dem - 14,541 (11.04%)

Tim Passmore said it was "a privilege" to be returned as the PCC for Suffolk for a fourth time

Who has been elected the PCC for Thames Valley ?

Conservative Matthew Barber has been elected as the police and crime commissioner for thames Valley, meaning he keeps the role he has held since 2021.

  • Matthew Barber, Conservatives - 144,092

  • Tim Starkey, Labour - 141,749

  • Tim Bearder, Lib Dem - 84,341

  • Ben Holden Crowther, More Police Officers for Thames Valley 46,853

  • Russell Fowler, Independent - 31,460

Who has been elected the PCC in Hertfordshire?

Conservative Jonathan Ash-Edwards has been elected the police and crime commissioner for Hertfordshire.

  • Jonathan Ash-Edwards, Conservative - 93,658

  • Matt Fisher, Green - 26,714

  • Tom Plater, Labour - 66,585

  • Sean Prendergast, Lib Dem - 68,264

David Lloyd (Conservative) had been the PCC for Hertfordshire since the role began in November 2012 but stepped down at this election.

The result for this election will be published here when it has come in on Saturday, 4 May.

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