Coldplay singer Chris Martin gives fan 'struggling to walk' a lift to show in Luton

Saundra Glenn and Chris Martin credit to Saundra Glenn
Saundra Glenn and Chris Martin Credit: Saundra Glenn

A Coldplay fan with mobility issues has said she was treated like a Queen by the superstar frontman, Chris Martin after he stopped his Mercedes to give her a lift to the gig in Luton.

Saundra Glenn, 64, has osteoarthritis and was struggling to walk to the arena set up in Stockwood Park for Radio 1's Big Weekend.

Saundra said: "I'm not a natural festival or gig-going person. I don't like crowds, I have these issues so I always know it's going to be too much for me. "But I'm Luton born and bred and I know Stockwood Park well, known it since I was a child and I really, really, really wanted to see Chris Martin and Coldplay. "I thought to myself, I know this park, I've known it since I was a child, and it's once in a lifetime to see Chris Martin, I just have to do it. If I go late, and just watch them, I should be ok." "But when I looked in front of me when I got off the shuttle bus, I thought, 'oh my god' that's a long walk!' and I even thought about turning around and going home and watching it on the telly! "The next thing, this big black car comes out of nowhere and a lovely woman looks out the window and says 'you look like you're struggling - what can we do to help? Can we give you a lift?' "So she tells me to get in the back and the door opens and there's Chris Martin sat there!"I couldn't believe it and the first thing I said was "You're Chris Martin! Can I shake your hand?!"

"I thought blooming heck I'm sitting next to Chris Martin! I felt like a child."

Saundra, who volunteers and does advocacy work in the community, said that Chris Martin asked her about her life and her job and she told him all about growing up in Luton.

Chris Martin and Saundra Glenn Credit: Saundra Glenn

She told him about the kindness of people in Luton, and that he fit in with his generous offer of a lift.Saundra also asked if she could take a selfie with him and he was more than happy to oblige.

He told her he had gone off site to practice but was heading back to the stage area to perform with Coldplay in the headlining set of the weekend.

Saundra said: "I told him he better hurry up because I'd come to see him! "They drove him to the artist area and I got out there and he said to his people, make sure that Saundra gets to where she needs to be. "And they put me in a buggy that said 'artist' on it and escorted me to the accessibility area. They were falling over themselves to help me. "I'm lucky I have the picture because if I didn't have - as the young people say - the receipts I wouldn't believe it myself! "I met a VIP and he treated me like a Queen.

"My friends said well, Saundra you're the Queen of Luton so what do you expect?!"

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