Muriel McKay: Police to start new search at Hertfordshire farm for murdered woman's remains

ANG Muriel McKay and Mark Dyer. credit PA / ITV News 120124
Muriel McKay was kidnapped and killed in 1969. Her grandson Mark Dyer, right. Credit: PA

The grandson of a woman kidnapped and killed 55 years ago has welcomed the 'massive' news that police will start a new search for her remains.

The Met Police have announced that they will carry out a search in a new area of Stocking Farm in Hertfordshire on July 15th, where the kidnapper claims he buried Muriel Mckay.

Ms McKay was snatched in 1969 as criminals thought she was media mogul Rupert Murdoch's then-wife, and planned to demand a £1m ransom.

She was actually the wife of Mr Murdoch's deputy Alick McKay.

Two men were jailed for murder but Ms McKay's body has never been found.

Arthur and Nizamodeen Hosein were convicted of killing and kidnapping Muriel McKay Credit: Police photos

More than 50 years later, one of her killers, Nizam Hosein, broke his silence, telling her family she is buried at Stocking Farm where they held her.

A search of the farm was carried out in 2022 but nothing was found.

However, Ms McKay’s daughter, Dianne McKay, and grandson, Mark Dyer, travelled to Trinidad and visited Mr Hosein, who was deported there after his release.

He gave the family a detailed account of where she was buried and now the Met Police have agreed to do a final search at the farm next month.

Muriel McKay's grandson Mark Dyer said the news of a new police search is a 'massive' development Credit: ITV News Anglia

"It's a massive development" Muriel's grandson Mark told ITV News Anglia.

"I mean, it's probably the most important in our family thing that's ever happened in 54 years.

"Now we've got the opportunity to go to where the killer, the kidnapper, the last remaining kidnapper, said that he last saw her or put her.

Stocking Farm in Hertfordshire which will be subject to a fresh search Credit: ITV News Anglia

"I've agreed an area where we are going to sign off a plan with the landowner and with the police, where we are going to look for her.

"Everyone says Hosein has been consistent in that place. So she's either there or she's not there.

"To get to have the opportunity of ending this trauma by having an end to the story would be a fantastic thing to have for all members of the family."

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