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Action needed on motorway safety

Campaigners say more needs to be done to improve safety on our motorways.

Action needed on motorway safety Credit: ITV Anglia

Although the East of England has been named one of the safest regions overall when it comes to road crashes, new figures show that our motorways are some of the most dangerous.

There are 9 fatal or serious crashes per billion vehicle kilometres travelled on motorways in the East of England - making it the highest risk of all of the regions.

Penguin reunion but 'Dippy' the eldest has cold feet

A group of penguins, who were split up and sent to two Norfolk Sea Life centres, when a wildlife park closed down on the Isle of Wight, have been reunited in Great Yarmouth.

The humboldt penguins will now live at the Sea Life centre in Yarmouth while their home is refurbished at the Hunstanton centre.

Staff say they all settled in quickly, but Dippy who already lives in Great Yarmouth and who is the eldest penguin at 22 years old, was a little bit anxious about the new penguins coming into his new home.

Staff release penguins into their new enclosure in Great Yarmouth Credit: ITV News Anglia

''Dippy is our eldest penguin, he's 22 and he's also a bit of a superstar and he kind of wanted reassurance. Who are all these penguins and am I still your favourite and of course he is.''

– Darren Gook, Senior Marine Biologist
One of the penguins happily taking the plunge Credit: ITV News Anglia

"Humbodlts are very sociable birds and they'll love being part of a bigger flock for a few months while the work is carried out at Hunstanton. We're expecting lots of bill tapping and friendly honking at each other. They've a lot to catch up on."

– Terri Harris, Great Yarmouth Sea Life General Manager

Dippy suffers from arthritis, and a gently sloping 'disabled access ramp' has been provided from him at the Great Yarmouth centre.

Staff trying to persuade 'Dippy' to get into the water Credit: ITV News Anglia


Pair jailed for combined total of eight years for attack over rucksack

Liam Newell and Daniel Clark Credit: Cambridgeshire police

Two men who kicked a man off his bike in Cambridge and stamped on his head to rob him of his rucksack have been jailed for a combined total of eight years.

31-year old Liam Newell from Cambridge kicked the victim off his bike in Campkin Road, Cambridge and demanded his rucksack.

20-year old Daniel Clark from Bassingbourn then joined in the attack on the victim, kicking him and stamping on his head until he let go of the bag, dragging him along the floor.

Clark was arrested and admitted robbery. Newell initially denied robbery but changed his plea to guilty before trial.

Newell was imprisoned for four years and nine months while Clark received three years and eight months in a youth offenders institute.

“These men have caused the victim physical and emotional injuries and are now being punished for their actions. We will do all we can to bring the perpetrators of crimes to justice. I hope the sentence sends a clear message to anyone who thinks they can get away with this type of offence.”

– Detective Constable Lesley Sonnen, Cambridgeshire police

Zoo director contracts deadly illness on conservation expedition

A zoo director from Cambridgeshire has been left with a deadly illness after being bitten by an insect in Indonesia.

Rebecca Willers, who runs Shepreth Wildlife Park, was bitten while on a tiger conservation expedition.

Rebecca Willers Credit: ITV Anglia

She now has Diffuse Systemic Sclerosis makes her body think its immune system is under attack.

Doctors have told 37-year-old Ms Willers that one in ten people with the condition die within five years.


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