Christmas flood risk

Areas in the East have been advised to take precautions against flooding over the Christmas and New Year period.

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Latest on the flooding in the Anglia region

Flood Warnings are indicated by a red marker and Flood Alerts by an orange marker Credit: Environment Agency

More rain is expected on the final day of 2012 - a year which has been confirmed as the wettest ever in East Anglia.

There are still 3 Flood Warnings and 10 Flood Alerts in places across the Anglia region after a festive season dominated by heavy rain.

For the latest flooding information check the Environment Agency website.

Latest Flood Warnings as more rain is forecast

Met Office rainfall radar image taken at 7.10 am. The band of rain will move east into the Anglia region. Credit: Met Office

The Environment Agency has 9 Flood Warnings and 24 Flood Alerts in force in the Anglia region.

More rain is forecast during Saturday along with strong and gusty winds.

For the latest flood information go to the Environment Agency website.

Flood Warning areas at 7.10am on Saturday 29 December 2012 Credit: Environment Agency


Flood defences to be built in Welney

A temporary flood defence is to be built today across the Welney Road (A1101) at the Old Bedford Bridge close to the Norfolk-Cambridgeshire border.

The Welney Road was last sand bagged in 2007 and is a planned response to water levels reaching a specific level on the Ouse Washes.

Flood water is currently over 3 meters above sea level – with 1.44 meters (4.7 ft) of water standing on the Causeway road.

“We will put approximately 30 one-ton sandbags across the road to build a temporary continuous defence along the barrier bank. This is a planned activity which is triggered by water levels hitting a specific point. We haven’t needed to do this for some time.”

– Alan Daniels, Environment Agency

The Welney Causeway was closed by Norfolk County Council Highways department on Friday 23 November and will remain closed until flood waters have receded.

Latest Flood Warnings in the Anglia region

There were 9 Flood Warnings in force in the Anglia region at 9.30am on Friday 28 December 2012 Credit: Environment Agency

As more rain falls across the Anglia region on Friday and with more forecast over the weekend there remain a number of Flood Warnings in force.

At 9.30 am on Friday there were 9 Flood Warnings and 29 Flood Alerts in place in the Eastern Counties. Most of the Flood Warnings are along the River Nene in Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire.

It comes as 2012 was confirmed as the wettest in more than a century of weather records.

More details of the Flood Warnings are on the Environment Agency website.

More rain brings further flooding

The rain keeps falling in December and 2012 looks set to be wettest since records began in East Anglia more than a century ago. The weather conditions continue to cause flooding in parts of the region with rivers overflowing and roads under water.

To make matters worse the Environment Agency, based in Peterborough, says more rain is on its way.

At 5pm on Thursday 27 December there were 9 Flood Warnings and 31 Flood Alerts in force across the Anglia region. The Environment Agency website has further details.


Fenland roads closed by flooding

Both the A1101 Wash Road at Welney in Norfolk and the A1123 Earith Causeway in Cambrideshire are closed due to flooding.

According to the Environment Agency there is more than 4 foot of water (128 cm) on the road in Welney.

The water is nearly a foot deep (28 cm) at Earith. Diversions are in place on both routes.

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