Police and Crime Commissioners mark their first 100 days

The region's Police and Crime Commissioners have been in their posts for 100 days.

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PCCs - 100 days on

They've been in office for 100 days, so are the new police and crime commissioners starting to make an impact?

All say they want to cut crime and make life better for victims, but are we buying into their vision - and how many people actually know WHO their local crime commissioner is?

Elodie Harper reports...

PCCs mark first 100 days

Beds PCC Olly Martins on patrol with PC Lauren Holt Credit: ITV News Anglia

Friday marked the 100th day that Police and Crime Commissioners have been in their posts. Bedfordshire's PCC Olly Martins goes out with officers at least twice a month. He says the patrols allow him to learn more about life for police at the "sharp end".


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