Dental nurse accused of poisoning

A dental nurse from Bedfordshire has appeared in court accused of putting poison in a cup of coffee she made for her boss

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Jury in Dental nurse poisoning trial fail to reach a verdict

Ravinder Kaur who faces a retrial after being accused of trying to poison her boss Credit: ITV Anglia

The jury in the trial of a trainee dental nurse from Bedfordshire -accused of trying to poison her own boss - has been discharged after failing to reach a verdict.

34-year-old Ravinder Kaur is accused of lacing a coffee she made with mercury amalgam, a substance used to make fillings in teeth.

There will now be a retrial at a later date.


Poisoning accused: 'I was framed'

Ravinder Kaur

A dental nurse from Bedford accused of trying to poison her boss by putting mercury in her coffee, told a court she had been framed.

Ravinder Kaur, 34, told Blackfriars Crown Court that she had been 'framed' for the crime because of a complaint she made against the practice.

Kaur is accused of lacing a coffee drink she had made for her boss Laura Knowles with mercury amalgam, a substance used to make fillings.

The alleged incident took place at the Shams Moopen dental practice at the Shefford Medical centre in March 2012.

Samantha Cohen, prosecuting, put it to the jury that Ravinder Kaur blamed her boss Laura Knowles for not sticking up for her at two disciplinary hearings.

Kaur told the court that it was Dr Shams Moopen, the owner of the practice who disciplined her.

She said she thought the real reason disciplinary action had been taken against her was due to a complaint she'd made to the care quality commission about the practice.

She said: "I've been framed, yes I made a cup of coffee for my boss I don't know how this has happened"

Ravinder Kaur denies the charge of administering a noxious substance with intent. The trial continues.

Court told dental practice 'less than harmonious'

The woman allegedly poisoned by a dental nurse told a court that there had been 'disharmony' at the practice in Shefford, Bedfordshire.

Laura Knowles practice manager told the court a dentist in the surgery requesting not to work with Kaur and in turn Kaur refusing to work with another dentist.

Despite the discontent in the Shams Moopen Dental Practice, she believed she was on good terms with Kaur, telling the jury: "I considered myself to be Ravi's friend and mentor."

The case continues.

Court told Dental boss suffered seizures after poisoning

Ravinder Kaur Credit: ITV News

The boss of a dental nurse suffered from seizures and was admitted to hospital after being poisoned, a court heard today.

Ravinder Kaur, 34, is charged with administering a "poison or noxious substance with intent" after she allegedly put mercury amalgam - a substance used in dental fillings - into a cup of coffee she made for her boss Laura Knowles. Kaur denies the charge.

Assistant dental nurse Kaur is accused of slipping the substance into Laura Knowles' cup of coffee at a dental practice in Shefford, Bedfordshire last March.

Ms Knowles, 36, the practice manager at the Shams Moopen Dental Practice, told the jury that over the weekend she had bouts of dizziness, diarrhoea and vomiting.

On her return to work on Monday, Ms Knowles had to be hospitalised due to having a seizure - the type people suffer when they have an epileptic fit", according to Rupert Bowers, defending.She also lost consciousness.

Ms Knowles told the jury she attributes all of her symptoms to the mercury, but admitted that to this day she has "no knowledge whatsoever" regarding the consequences of ingesting the substance.


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