Killer's lost clippers net him £800

A triple killer has won £800 in compensation after some of his belongings, including nose hair clippers, were lost or broken in prison

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Anger following £800 compensation for triple killer

There has been an angry reaction after it emerged a man who shot three people dead in Hertfordshire has been paid compensation after some of his things, including a pair of nasal hair clippers, were lost or broken in prison.

Kevan Thakrar, from Stevenage, won £800 after taking his complaint to court.

He's serving three life sentences for the gangland-style execution of three drug dealers and two other attempted murders. He's also attacked prison officers.

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Murderer awarded £815 for broken nose clippers

A triple murderer has been awarded £815 in compensation after prison guards broke his nose hair trimmer.

Kevan Thakrar, 26, sued prison officials, claiming he had been "stressed" by the loss of "priceless possessions" including photographs, letters and a carton of fruit juice.

Kevan Thakrar is serving a life sentence for murder. Credit: PA

He boasted on Facebook that the Government had now "paid up". Of the £815 paid to Thakrar, £500 was reportedly awarded because prison bosses refused to apologise to him.

Thakrar was jailed alongside brother Miran for a gangland-style execution of three men in 2007.


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MP: Triple murderer 'should not be paid anything'

The triple murderer awarded £815 because his nose hair clippers were broken by a prison guard "should not be paid anything", a Conservative MP told Good Morning Britain.

Nadine Dorries dubbed Kevan Thakrar's claim "quite bizarre" and "difficult to either believe or understand".

"If you or I lose our personal possession we don't have a claim for £800 to repay us. And most of this payment was made because a prison officer failed to apologise because he was stressed over losing his belongings."

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