Blickling Estate cottages destroyed by thatched roof fire

Fire has spread through a row of listed cottages on the Blickling Estate in Norfolk. No one was injured.

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'It was the scariest thing I've ever seen' says Norfolk man as his thatched cottage sets on fire

Andrew Taylor watched as fire in the thatched roof of his rented house took hold within minutes Credit: ITV News Anglia

A Norfolk man who says he's lost everything after fire spread through his thatched cottage has described it as the scariest thing he's ever seen.

Andrew Taylor who works as a volunteer on the Blicking Estate managed to get to safety. The fire on Saturday was spotted by one of his neighbours who saw smoke coming from his roof.

'Thatched properties are very difficult to deal with' says Fire service

Fire crews are at the scene checking for hotspots Credit: ITV News Anglia

A row of listed thatched cottages have been destroyed on the Blickling Estate in North Norfolk after a fire spread quickly through the roof of one of them.

No one was injured in the fire which started at around 4pm Saturday 30th April.

The houses are owned by the National Trust and rented out.

The thatched roof has been completely destroyed Credit: ITV News Anglia

Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service say 'thatched' fires are very difficult to deal with because they are designed to repel water.

Watch an interview with the Incident Commander Simon Mason.


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